Coming Soon

I’m working on more novels than you can imagine. Most of them are under alternate pseudonyms. However, here are a couple hints on what’s coming under the name Bree Cariad.

WIP 1: My name is Stan. I have… issues. My name is one–don’t ask. The other is the stinking jerks who keep trying to beat me up. I have learned to take care of myself. I fight back. Unfortunately, that’s put me in hot water. Now who am I going to turn to? Surely not that reverend guy. He looks like a hell’s angel.

WIPs 2&3: You’ve been warned about demons since you were little, but what your parents didn’t tell you was that they’re real, and nothing like you expect. Take fairy tale concepts, turn them on their heads, and add in a true fight of good vs evil, and you’ll haveĀ  but a taste of what I’m working on.