Falling for Him

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Cami thought she had it all: the perfect life, the perfect future, and the perfect suitor; until it went downhill just days before her 18th birthday. Now struggling to pick up the pieces, she does everything she can, not letting anyone know how depressed she’s become. She does such a good job that she fools herself.

Newcomer to town, Jerod Kinsley, offers friendship. Used to the more traditional way of life, Cami doesn’t know what to do with it. When he and her family encourage her on a track she never knew was possible, Cami begins to find a new her. She likes this new future laid out in front of her. Unfortunately for Cami, her tendency to fool herself by blocking her own feelings rears its ugly head once again. This time, she pulls a stunt she isn’t sure she can recover from. With one false step, she’s afraid she’s not only ruined her chances of success, but of Jared ever caring for her as more than an acquaintance.

Warning: This book includes a formally structured society & scenes of loving discipline.

Publisher: A Thia Thing
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