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Switched websites, so beware the oddities

Just switched over from blogger to WordPress, and many of the posts look odd. Ignore the formatting inconsistencies. Blogger is wild about div tags and those throw WP for a loop, apparently. Plus, it seems when you download your blogger posts and upload them to WP, it dumps all the […]

One Pulse Anthology is available for PreOrder

I’m excited to be part of the One Pulse Anthology with Dreamspinner Press. For those of you who don’t know, the One Pulse Anthology proceeds will go to the victims of the Orlando shooting. It’s a very worthy cause and there are tons of amazing stories in this one book. […]

How Love Conquers All got started

I’ve mentioned my new books coming out on Facebook, but remembered I should probably do a blog post about it. 🙂 Let me tell you how this new series rose up and took over my life. I happened to be at Dreamspinner Press’s website looking at their open calls for […]

New Series Starting…

Okay, I’m excited. I’ve been so busy with certain things that I’ve not been doing much in the Inspirational genre lately. But that’s about to change. I’ve become re-energized with passion as a story idea sprang into my head a few days ago…and of course, that idea sprang into a […]

Over His Knee #SatSpanks #spanking #romance #inspirational

Hey! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted for SatSpanks, so I thought, what the heck 🙂 This is from my In Hyacinth series. Courted by Discipline. Kathy’s about to find out what being spanked by Xander means. (It’s a little longer than 8 sentences, but three of them […]