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The Peace To Set You Free #SatSpanks #poem #freedom

It’s Saturday Spanking‘s bloghop time again, but instead of giving you another snippet from Courted By Discipline, I wrote a little poem. The Peace To Set You Free©Bree Cariad I knew it wouldn’t be funny,At least I thought so at the time.I knew he wouldn’t take it that way,That itty, […]

Sitting down would be a definite reminder #SatSpanks

Welcome, Saturday Spankings Bloghop! Eighteen year old Kathy grew up in a strong discipline household. Her father is easy going except for when she or her mother breaks one of his firm rules. This is an excerpt from after one of his spankings. * * * * * It was […]

A conversation with Xander from Courted by Discipline

Today, in continuation of helping you to get to know the heroes and heroines from In Hyacinth, I asked Xander for an interview and instead of doing it online like Kathy did, he came over for a visit. Xander strides into the room, intense and watchful, his bright blue eyes […]

A Conversation with Kathy from Courted by Discipline

To start getting to know the characters from In Hyacinth, I’ve done a few interviews with my heroes and heroines. To start things off, I’ve got Kathy in the hotseat today. Bree: Hi, Kathy. Thanks for coming on my blog today. Kathy: Sure. I’m actually kind of excited. Being online […]

Surely they would wait #SatSpanks

Howdy, Saturday Spankers! And Spankos 😉 Have another snippet from Courted By Discipline. Kathy’s family moved to Hyacinth at the very end of her junior year in high school. She had no idea of their unique and very old-fashioned courting system. Here, she’s just found out and is a bit […]

Mom caught me #SatSpanks

Hello Saturday Spankings bloghoppers! Another beautiful Saturday today. I’m giving you another snippet from Courted by Discipline, the first book in the In Hyacinth series. In this excerpt, Kathy has met some of the local girls and one of them has just announced she heard her brother is courting this […]