Everyday Miracles for #SedStuds #LGBT #GLBT

Hello 🙂 This is A Thia Thing author, Bree, with a little snippet from my upcoming story Everyday Miracles, which will be featured in Dreamspinner Press’s One Pulse Anthology.

This is almost at the beginning. Jonathon’s nervous because this is his last try at getting the official city sign-off on being a youth shelter.


The house was signed off on as far as the inspectors were concerned. All they needed were beds and food. Thirty-four youth were living in tents he had erected on the property. It wasn’t much, and they were tightly smooshed with six of them in each four-man tent, but he saw their gratitude daily for not having to live on the streets. For not having to beg or steal to survive. For not having to prostitute themselves to stay alive.

“And now all I need is their okay,” he murmured frantically, his fingers tightening on the folder. So close. So close to giving those kids a home, a home they would never be kicked out of because of who they were.

Rolf, his best friend and their cook, watched him from his perch on a nearby bench. “They’ll give it to us, Johnny. You’ll see.”

He knew that was supposed to help, but it just made his forehead break out in sweat. Rolf had given every penny he had to help refit the place and make it livable. Every morning and evening until they got the house inspection okayed, he’d cooked a decent meal for everyone over a campfire. Jonathon had to admit, the food had been good, but now that he could cook in their kitchen, it was even better. And he never asked for anything in return—not that the kids didn’t give it. They all adored him, called him “Uncle Rolf,” and sought him out when they had questions they didn’t think they could ask Jonathon.

Jonathon paused and looked up at the ceiling, sending a long, silent plea for the Lord to save the situation. Because he couldn’t do it—but God could.


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