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EveryDay Miracles came out last Monday so I thought I’d give you another sample from this short story, which is a prequel to my brand new Love Conquers All series.

A couple weeks ago I gave you a look at Reverend Jonathon Neiland who was trying to get the city council to sign off on his LGBT youth center. Today I”m giving you a look at Councilman Court Brecker.


Court Brecker stood at the small window looking out at the courtyard as his fellow councilmen went to the bathroom. He was troubled by what had just taken place. While he’d been on the council for less than two years, this was his first meeting since he’d been voted in as its head. It was up to him to make the best decision, not to behave because it would keep him his seat.

There was no doubt that the shelter was needed. And not because he knew anything about the LGBT youth or their community, but because of how virulently the citizens rallied against it. They were not against the shelter for any logical reason. No. They didn’t want it because it had the term LGBT appended to it, which to them might as well have been the plague. As each one of them railed against the community and the shelter, he could see why those kids needed it. If those people were parents, heaven help their children—especially if they were gay.

“Let’s vote on this and go home,” Crelon groused as he walked back in.

Brecker turned around and headed back to his seat. Crelon was the most outspoken against the project. When Brecker joined the council, Crelon had immediately taken him aside and told him under no circumstances was he to vote for the shelter, or he would be out on his rear end faster than it would take to say “What?”

“The vote will come after we’ve discussed it,” Brecker said calmly. Crelon cocked an eyebrow at him, and he leaned back in his chair. “For four years, we’ve denied Reverend Neiland his shelter. We’ve made him beg for every little thing he asked for and dragged our feet on the full request. I went along with the group when he came to the council last year, but I want each of you to tell me why you voted against him.”


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