How Love Conquers All got started

I’ve mentioned my new books coming out on Facebook, but remembered I should probably do a blog post about it. 🙂

Let me tell you how this new series rose up and took over my life. I happened to be at Dreamspinner Press’s website looking at their open calls for submission and saw they were looking for short stories for an anthology that would go to benefit the victims in the Orlando shooting. Instantly, the character of Reverend Jonathon Neiland and the youth shelter he has his heart set on popped into my head and from there, tendrils of story lines coalesced in my brain and began to overflow.

I wrote Everyday Miracles, a story just under 7k in length in less than 2 hours. It just poured out of me. And even as it was done, I knew there was a novel waiting in the wings, the story that would pick up on the two characters introduced in Everyday Miracles and bring their story to full life. I planned to write it during Camp NaNoWriMo. I started early and finished the 1st draft around July 12th if I remember correctly.

Light in the Dark Night, just like Everyday Miracles, poured out of me, page after page of story and as I got to know the two main characters and the secondary characters, I totally fell in love with them. Many a tear was cried in the writing of this manuscript. Getting to know the youth who live at Jonathon’s shelter was like falling in love and seeing past differences to that which unifies us all. It also opened my eyes to some things in me I had been trying to ignore.

I’m taking a break from writing the next book as I have some deadlines to meet, but I look forward to continuing the Love Conquers All community in the next manuscript.