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I don’t know how things are in the rest of the US, let alone the rest of the world, but here in the NW part of the contiguous US, we don’t do ‘hats’ the way other women do. Walking down the street during spring/summer/fall, you won’t see a hat in sight on a woman. A man? Yes you may see a ball cap or a cowboy hat, but the women? Nope. During winter, you see a lot of women either with an umbrella or the dreaded beanie cap (whoever brought that back into style needs a serious wake-up call). But cute hats? I’ve seen one store for them and I might see a few among the older set of ladies around. But women my age and younger? We seem to have missed the cool-hat fashions.

And I would like to know why. I mean, if you don’t look outside of the western US, one might never realize hats could be cute! Plus, I will admit, I’ve never enjoyed the results of ‘hat hair’.

But now, seeing all the fun, wonderful hats that can be had? I want to learn what looks best on me and get some cool hats!

After all, aren’t these cool?

Word at the Kentucky Derby
And let’s not forget some of the amazing hats worn by Princess Kate Middleton
And my favorite:
I so need help in finding out about hats. Anyone know of a good way to figure out what really looks good? And how to combat hat hair?