Soft, loving discipline romances that aren’t erotic?

Yep, you heard me right. In Hyacinth is all about loving discipline. Without the erotica.

This series came upon me fast and furious starting the second week of March of this year. It was a torrent of stories. I literally wrote the first 5 in a couple weeks time. It was that kind of download an author lives for.

But containing it into a genre classification or even fine-tuning my marketing strategy has been difficult.

If one puts ‘discipline’ in the genre, readers expect it in an erotic context. Again, there is no erotica in these stories. And yet, if I market them as ‘wholesome’ romance, I might turn away those who enjoy spanking as discipline while alienating those who enjoy ‘wholesome’ romance and have no idea spanking is involved.

So what is In Hyacinth?

In Hyacinth is a journey, a journey each heroine takes as she stumbles through the Hyacinth Courting system. Most of the girls were spanked as children and understand discipline at a deep level, but In Hyacinth, discipline means more than just a spanking.

It’s about love, honor, respect – not just of others, but of one’s self.

It’s also, I will admit, a very deep reflection of some of my core beliefs about discipline as a whole.

Discipline is not a bad word. In fact, used correctly, it is a wonderful, freeing word. Because when one is ‘disciplined’ in their own life, it flows easier.

And yes, in these stories, the heroines learn that being spanked & disciplined by the men they love is about choice and when they consent, is extremely freeing.

Starting next week, I will be doing ‘interviews’ with the characters on Tuesdays & Thursdays so you can get to know them better. First up? Kathy & Alexander of course. Look for Kathy’s interview on June 17th, Xander’s on June 19th.